43 Roberts Road

Picture this. 800 acres of land in the Early 1900s in Rockland County, NY. What does somebody do with all that land? Build a factory? Build a business? Enter soon to be founder of Paramount Pictures, Adolf Zukor. Zukor purchased three hundred acres of land from Lawrence Abraham, who had already built a nice size house, a nine hole golf course and a pool on the property. Approximately two years later, Zukor purchased another 500 acres and built a night house, guest house, movie theatre, locker room, greenhouses, garages, staff houses and  hired famous Golf Course Architect, A.W. Tillinghast to build an 18-hole golf course. In 1948, the property was sold and became Dellwood Country Club and is now known as Paramount Country Club.*

43 Roberts Road in New City, NY was built on the property once owned by Adolf Zukor. Architecturally designed, the homeowners spent two years working with the architect to design their dream home. Now, 30+ years later, it is time for them to say goodbye and have a new family move in and create as many memories as they did.

Noemi: What do you love about the house?

Homeowner: I love the pantry, the kitchen, how the garage is located right off the kitchen making it easily accessible, how the sun beams in through the windows during the warmer months, the open layout of the house and I absolutely love love love my backyard. It’s the perfect backyard for entertaining and I love to entertain.

Noemi: What are you going to miss about the house?

Homeowner: Since we’re downsizing to an apartment in Manhattan, I’m definitely going to miss the space. Not to mention the backyard and the memories my family and I created here.

Noemi: What are your hopes for the new homeowners?

Homeowner: I hope that the new homeowners have many years of health and happiness as we did.

If you’re interested in creating memories in this one-of-a-kind, custom built architectural masterpiece, feel free to give me a call on my cell at (845) 494-5015 or send me an email at noemi@noemimorales.com.


For a virtual tour of the property, click here

*Paramount Country Club is not affiliated with Paramount Pictures.

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