Holiday Home Prep

Happy November! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how it’s almost the Holiday season and we’re about to start 2018 in two months. And if you’re REALLY anything like me, you’ve probably done nothing to prep your home for the upcoming season.

Holiday’s can be stressful. That’s why I’m here to help you get your home Holiday ready.

  1. Clean. There’s Spring cleaning and then there’s throw-away-everything-in-sight because-your in-laws-are-coming-to-stay-with-you- cleaning. Declutter guest rooms and any room your guests might be staying or hanging out in. Remove items from countertops, coffee tables, ottomans etc. Out of sight, out of mind… for now. Plus, who doesn’t love a clean house?
  2. Make Space. The first room your guests see is the foyer, therefore, it is key to make a great first impression. Clear out shoes and umbrellas and put in a welcome mat so guests can wipe their feet. You wouldn’t want all that hard work cleaning to go to waste!
  3. Add a “Sit Down Station” and Some Stools. The kitchen is the center of attention during the Holidays. Be prepared for your guests and extra helpers to be lingering around in the kitchen by adding in some stools so they can take a seat and relax.
  4. ENJOY! The Holiday Season is all about spending time with family and creating memories to last a lifetime. So after all the cleaning, prepping for the madness and cooking, sit down and enjoy!

Happy Holidays to all! Don’t forget, if you’re thinking about selling or buying in the upcoming year, My Priorities Are Simple… They’re Yours!

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