The Lord’s Castle: Piermont’s Historical Site

When most people think of Piermont, NY they think of spectacular views of the Hudson River and Tappan Zee Bridge, the infamous Piermont Pier and beautiful real estate properties  But did you know about the historic Piermont Castle on 18 acres (Link to castle)? Located at 1 Castle Road, the historic site is 15,000 square feet and has 30 rooms, 10 of which are bedrooms. Now, what makes this castle historic?

The castle was built by the Erie Railroad builder, Eleazar Lord in the 1840s and named it “The Cedars”. Only 3 families have owned this castle… Until 2015, when it was offered for sale. A young couple from Manhattan purchased the castle for $5,025,000 cash terms and will be using it as their “summer home”. It was on the market for 1,274 days with an original listing price of $9.4 Million dollars.

Recently, the Piermont Historical Society held their annual fundraising event at the castle hosted by the new owners. It was dubbed as an “Enchanting Evening” with live and silent auctions. Members of the historical society dressed as various period characters including Eleazar Lord. It was a great night and a great way to meet the new castle residents, welcome them to the neighborhood and raise money for the Piermont Historical Society. The PHS is working to maintain Piermont’s historic boat station house, opening it to visitors and sharing the history of our beloved village.

For photos of the spectacular night click here!

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