7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Trying to get into “Spring mode” but not sure how when the weather reminds you of February? Check out these 7 tips on how to get your home freshened up just in time for Spring!

  1. Air it Out! Opening the windows can help air out all the dust and dry air that has accumulated during the winter. Even turning on the fan and turning off the heat can help.fresh airSource
  2. Spring Cleaning. Cleaning out the winter clothes in your closet and swapping in your Spring collection can get you feeling ready for Spring in no time. (Maybe keep a sweater or two since the weather seems to be pretty unpredictable these days). Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign and CloudsSource
  3. Florals Are So In. Spring time=flowers. Head on over to your local Nursery and purchase both in-home and outside plants to help brighten up your home and give it a Spring scent.flowersSource
  4. Swap Out the Winter Blankets. With warmer weather slowly approaching, put away the heavy blankets and comforters and switch in the lightly lined fleeces and quilts. Spring linensSource
  5. Fresh Paint. Transform your walls from dark and dull to bright and happy. Here’s a look at Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends of 2016 to give you an idea.Color-Trends-BM-2016Source
  6. Who Let the Dogs Out. Order Frontline for flea and tick protection for your pets. The warmer weather is coming and your furry friends need protection from the insects they pick-up on from their walks, sunbathing in the backyard and rolling around in the grass. frontlineSource
  7. Sprinkler Showers Bring May Flowers. Turn on the automatic sprinkler system or call your local sprinkler installation company today to have one installed. Don’t wait too long, as the spring sun can be very strong and damaging to the grass after it’s been through a harsh winter.sprinkler.jpgSource

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