The Most Expensive Home for Sale in the US

There are endless possibilities that $250 million dollars can buy. From purchasing multiple homes, or 313 Piermont Landing Townhomes, maybe an island (or one hundred), to 1,000 Bentleys, and if you wanted to keep local in Rockland County, you can buy 641 N. Broadway in Nyack, NY- the most expensive home for sale in Rockland County- 36.2 times- at a list price of $6,900,000. But what about just one single family home? That’s right, $250 Million dollars can get you a 33,000-square-foot mansion located in no other than Bel Air, California.

Currently listed as the most expensive home for sale in the United States, it has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, six bars, a massage room and spa, a fitness center, two wine-champagne cellars, a James Bond themed movie theatre and an 85-foot infinity pool. Not to mention 12 cars and 10 motorcycles that are valued at $30 million dollars. You may be thinking “what else does this house need?” Well, that’s not all it has- there’s also a four lane bowling alley, an outdoor pop up theatre, a self serve candy wall and a 7 person staff to oversee the home. Words don’t even begin to describe how amazing it would be to live there, or have the money to buy it.


Let’s imagine for a minute what it would be like to relax in the pool, not to mention that it also has a swim up bar, getting a massage without having to leave the house, and having enough cars where a different one can be driven every day for three weeks. This sure does sound, and from the pictures, look like the perfect dream home. Special shout out to the designer- Bruce Makwoski- for building such a beautiful home! If you would like to see this magnificent home, give me a call! 😊

(Photo and information credits to and Bruce Makowski/BAM Luxury Development)

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