Primping in Piermont staff

“I have staged over 700 homes,” explained Darrow Samberg of Darrow Home Design.  “But I have never been asked to iron the sheets during a staging to make sure they were crisp and perfect!  Noemi Morales is a professional and a perfectionist so of course after her request I ironed them.  Noemi goes to tremendous lengths in the sale of her homes and I tremendously respect her for that.”


The home with the ironed sheets is a penthouse in Piermont’s Paradise Harbor and it took Darrow Home Design six full eight hour days to get this home ready for market. Morales takes all her own photos and has an artist’s eye for what should shine through her lens.



“We wanted to bring in the river,” Samberg explained. “We painted, bought a new bed, shopped, changed lighting, brought in new furniture and artwork and with a strict budget in mind turned this beautiful space into a sexy cocktail house.”

IMG_9889 IMG_9887 IMG_9886

Morales who is certainly no stranger to her craft, having been in the real estate business for over twenty years, explains how important staging a home is in this market.

“Today’s real estate buyers have high expectations about the property they want to purchase and those expectations need to be met from the second they see a photo on the internet or walk through the door. First impressions are everything to the buyers; seller’s who acknowledge that and strategically stage their property increase buyer traffic to their home, get more showings from real estate brokers, and get the highest and best price in the shortest amount of time. “

The penthouse sold within 30 days due to the hard work and effort of Morales and her team.

IMG_9861IMG_9880 IMG_9871  IMG_9856  IMG_9827 IMG_9787 IMG_9785

Here are13 great tips when you are staging your home from

We always feel inspired when we check out open houses and model homes. The decor (although not always our own personal style) is perfectly in place as if it was born to be there. It simply works! Usually it’s because of the techniques and tricks provide by the home-stager.

Unlike the models, we live in our homes and it can get really messy sometimes! Day-to-day life is not always as organized or clutter-free as a staged home. That being said, read through these tips and try incorporating a few into your home. You may be surprised at how you feel when your rooms feel more welcoming and relaxing. 

1) Make an Entrance
Whether it’s the outside of your home or the entryway in your small apartment, create an organized and cozy area to greet your guests and yourself home.

2) Conquer Clutter
Be ruthless as you go about purging your belongings. If you haven’t used it in three months, stagers say, box it up and store it away; if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. Make a house rule that for every new item that comes in, an old one has to leave. Any mixed feelings you have about tossing life’s accumulated belongings will quickly be replaced with a sense of relief and appreciation of your uncluttered surroundings.

3) Less Is More
Take a look around and edit your furniture. You don’t have to whittle that drastically, but take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without.

4) Float Furniture
Furnish your space by floating furniture away from walls, even in unexpected places. Not only will this make the space more user-friendly, it will open up the room and make it seem larger. Even in really small spaces when every inch is maximized, you can float a piece or 2. If you simply can’t give up the wall, use furniture where you can see the legs so it still has some type of floating aspect to it.

5) Mix It Up
Give yourself permission to move furniture, artwork and accessories between rooms on a whim. Read more about mixing it up here.

6) Repurpose Unused Rooms
If you have a room that currently serves only to gather junk, repurpose it into something that will add to the value — and enjoyment — of your home. We love how Gregory turned a small, closed-in deck space into a fully functioning and stylish office.

7) Let Light In
Don’t forget to dress up windows for both form and function.

8) Light It Up
One of the things that make staged homes look so warm and welcoming is great lighting. As it turns out, many of our own homes are improperly lit — either we have too few fixtures, or our lighting is too dim or too harsh. Simply increase the wattage in your lamps and then add a dimmer to adjust the level when you want.

9) Use Color Creatively
Painting is the cheapest, easiest way to give your home a new look. You can also use accents like pillows and curtains. See more color inspiration from our 2008 Fall Color Contest contestants to date.
10) Paint It Black
A coat of satiny black paint can revive tired furnishings and lend a chic, dramatic flair to just about any space.

11) Rearrange Your Art
Art displayed creatively makes the art stand out more and shows off your space.

12) Accessorize With Threes
When it comes to eye-pleasing accessorizing, odd numbers are preferable, especially threes. Rather than setting your trio of accessories out in a row, imagine a triangle and place one object at each point. Scale is important, too, so in your group of three be sure to vary items by height and width, with the largest at the back and the smallest in front.

13) Bring the Outdoors In
Staged homes are almost always graced with fresh flowers and pricey orchid arrangements, but you can get a similar effect simply by raiding your yard.

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