A Memorable Day in Montebello

Her two shaded caramel coat inspired her name and David Salembier made sure Snickers was one lucky girl that day.


“I had to hold her between my legs on the side of the road to get a collar on her,” explained David after entering his expanded Farmhouse, 150 pound powerful dog at his lead. “She is a beauty, isn’t she?” he beamed.  The she is an Anatolian Shepherd that happened to go running down the street, after a neighbor unknowingly left a gate open.

Snickers stepped foot into a home where a keen dog could feel the warmth and welcome of its owners.  The Salembier’s lived in the house since 1982, but have decided to downsize much to the chagrin of their four adult children.

“I think they are now used to the idea,” Leslie explained. “It was the house they grew up in, it will still be hard for them, they loved it here.”

The house was built by George S. and Mary E. Conklin in 1870 on Haverstraw Road in Montebello, New York.  It has been gently altered to accommodate a large family but still can be seen as an early farmhouse. The Conklins lived in the home with their daughter Amelia through at least 1887. The mini estate sits on 3 acres.


“When we moved in the house it was half the size it is now. We added on as we had children,” David explained. The home is now five bedrooms, three baths, formal dining room, library, formal living room, pool, tennis courts, barn and beautiful property.  It sits directly across the street from an entrance to Harriman State Park.  If you are a true hiking enthusiast, one could actually hike from this spot to Bear Mountain. If you own horses there are many trails at the park as well.

“We take the dogs to the park all the time,” explained Leslie.

“I like to call it the Salembier swim and tennis club.” She joked. The four Salembier children grew up in a country setting with all types of animal life around them. Leslie tells the story of how they were actually somewhat disappointed at an early age with a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

“We have lots of these animals in our own yard,” they explained while at the Zoo. “And they come right up to our windows.”

Country it certainly is and when you stand in the backyard there is an utterly serene and calming influence. However, one can take a train into Manhattan from the Suffern train station right down the road or jump onto Route 17; 287/87 or the Palisades Parkway in minutes.  It is a very central location that still keeps tremendous charm and tranquility.

new house pic

The barn, which was built on or around 1870 still stands on the property.  In fact, an older woman stopped by the home a few years back.  She lived in the house in the 1930’s, a time when she and her sister used to shimmy down a rose arbor outside their window to attend local parties.

“She could not believe that the barn was still standing, “said David.

The name Salembier means “Bringer of Peace” which makes perfect sense with a peaceful home such as this one.  As the sun shone on the many perennials aching to grow and a barn stood evidence of  a time when farming was very prevalent in Rockland County, Snickers owners arrived harried and happy to find their lost dog.

6666new photo two

This home on 603 Haverstraw Road in Montebello is listed by Noemi Morales of Coldwell Banker.  If you would like to find out more, contact Noemi at 845-494-5015.

new house threenew house four


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